Roller Conveyor
Roller Conveyor
Roller Conveyor Roller Conveyor Roller Conveyor Roller Conveyor Roller Conveyor Roller Conveyor

Roller Conveyor

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Roller Conveyor
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Roller conveyor encompasses many designs for a wide variety of applications.

  • Simple product transportation from point A to B (live roller conveyor)
  • Used to accumulate product with minimum or zero pressure
  • Used to convey large, heavy loads such as pallets with chain driven roller

Roller conveyors are intended for transporting piece goods such as solid boxes or pallets with rigid, flat bases. The drive concept can be selected to suit your particular application. Whether driven by gravity, a tangential chain, a drive roller or a friction drive, all systems are available in straight lines and curves.

Gravity roller will convey light, medium, and heavy loads that have firm flat bottoms such as cartons, totes, cases, skids, drums, etc. Ashland's standard line of gravity roller conveyor includes models with rollers from 3/4" to 2-5/8" diameter and various frame styles. Some models are suited for temporary set-up, others for permanent installation.

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